Welcome to the Marin Orchid Society

We area a club of hobbyists and professionals who meet monthly and hold events. Some of our events include greenhouse tours, educational presentations, and orchid show displays. We also provide social activities such as auctions, orchid trivia, and picnics. We are a social group of orchid enthusiasts; beginners and experts are welcome.

At our meetings, we host a guest speaker and also a show and tell segment where members bring in their orchids and share growing tips. Orchid doctors are available at 6:30 PM to answer questions and provide guidance.

MOS Meetings Are Back in San Rafael
The Tamalpais Room is now the Morning Glory Room
750 Lindaro
San Rafael, CA

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Monthly Speakers

Peru at Machu Picchu, actually

Picture taken in Peru (at Machu Picchu, actually)

September 26: General Meeting with Ken Jacobsen on Orchid Travels in Peru

This talk will cover two orchiding trips to Peru. It includes photos and discussion of orchid shows in both Lima and Moyobamba, as well as treks through orchid areas in nature, and photos of orchids from a private reserve in Aguas Caliente. Some additional photos of the Machu Picchu area and the city of Cusco are included.




Upcoming Events

Do plan to come and put Tuesday, October 24, on your calendar.
Bring a friend or two. Everybody loves orchids! Thanks.
Our auctioneer extraordinaire, Alan Koch, always brings an unusual
array of orchids that are difficult to obtain anywhere else.
More information in the September Back Blub